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Hey, yeah, it really depends on the platform. Some sites offer a lot of interaction, while others stick to a more traditional approach. If you're looking for a platform with real-time engagement, I'd suggest checking out this one The models here are usually very engaging and open to chatting with viewers. You can send tips to get their attention or make specific requests, and they'll often respond right away. It's a fun way to interact with people and enjoy live content at the same time. The site has a wide variety of models, so you can find someone who matches your interests and style. Plus, there's usually a good community vibe, with people chatting and sharing tips on the best shows and models. Overall, if you want a more personalized experience with a lot of interactivity, this platform could be a good fit for you. Give it a try, and let me know what you think.


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  • 6 Jan Mon | 'Summer Camp Hosted by Non-Profit, "Pure Hearts of Georgia"'

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