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Unveiling the Secrets of FC 24: Claiming a Free Icon Pack and Making Profits

Have you ever dreamt of acquiring a free icon pack while simultaneously adding a Brazilian icon to your squad? Well, your dreams can come true with FC 24! In this article, we'll explore the best methods to claim a free base icon pack in FC 24 and discover ways to profit while assembling these special packs for cheap and fast, reliable FC 24 coins.

Unlocking the Base Icon Pack:

The base upgrade pack in FC 24 costs 278, EA FC 24 Coins 000 coins, but fear not – there are ways to accumulate these coins for free, or even make a profit during the process. Let's delve into the methods that have proven successful.

Method 1: Premier League Sniping Filter – Chelsea Edition

One effective method involves utilizing the Premier League sniping filter, specifically focusing on Chelsea players. By setting the filter to gold rare, Premier League, and Chelsea, you can target defenders for sniping. For example, Thiago Silva, an 84-rated player, can be sniped at 2.8k coins and resold for 3.5k to 3.6k, yielding a substantial profit. This method has proven to be a lucrative way to amass coins while actively participating in the game.

Method 2: League SBC Sniping – Ligue 1 Edition

Another profitable avenue is to explore League SBCs, with a focus on Ligue 1. With the cheapest Ligue 1 players available at around 750 coins, sniping players at 600 coins and selling them at 800 coins provides a reliable method to accumulate coins. This strategy can be applied to other top-five leagues, but the Ligue 1 market seems particularly promising.

Method 3: Bronze Pack Method (BPM)

The classic Bronze Pack Method (BPM) remains a tried-and-true approach. By investing in bronze packs, which are currently more rewarding than ever, you can acquire Libertadores and S Americana cards, as well as players suitable for the daily gold upgrade. This method not only ensures steady profits but also facilitates a continuous cycle of player recycling for further upgrades.

Method 4: 83+ 10 Method

For those willing to take a risk, the 83+ 10 method offers a potentially rewarding strategy. By recycling these packs until enough FOD (Festival of FUTball) cards are accumulated, you can work towards the coveted icon pack. This approach mirrors the success of the Footage of the Year's 85+ 10 method, though it requires having a sufficient number of informs.

General Tips for Icon Pack Grind:

Daily Login Rewards: Don't overlook the importance of daily login rewards, as they contribute significantly to your coin accumulation.

Open All Packs: Take advantage of the various packs that are released, especially the 10 and 30-coin packs. These can yield valuable player items and contribute to your overall coin balance.

Engage in Events: Participate in ongoing events and promotions. For instance, during Black Friday, special packs were distributed, and the author highlights the success of obtaining walkouts from these packs.

In conclusion, FC 24 provides exciting opportunities for players to claim a free base icon pack and accumulate coins in the process. By strategically employing sniping filters, engaging in League SBC trading, embracing the Bronze Pack Method, and experimenting with the 83+ 10 method, players can navigate the FIFA Ultimate Team market effectively. Always stay vigilant for new opportunities buy FC 24 Coins , events, and packs, as these can significantly impact your coin balance. So, gear up, follow these strategies, and may your FC 24 icon pack reveal a legendary addition to your squad!


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