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Mmoexp FC 24:Crossing Inside the Box: An Underrated Gem

FC 24 has proven to be one of the toughest games in the series so far, especially in terms of gameplay. Players often find themselves struggling with the buildup and facing heavy defensive pressure. However, there is a key aspect that can set you Fut 24 Coins free and unlock your full attacking potential – mastering wing play. In this article, we'll delve into the secrets of effective wing play in FC 24, exploring different techniques to break down opponents and when to strategically deploy them.

Creating Movement: The Foundation of Wing Play

To unlock the wing play, creating movement is crucial. There are various methods to achieve this, and one effective way is to use the L1/LB button to make one of your side players make a run down the wing. By pointing out the player with your left analog stick and tapping the L1/LB button briefly, you initiate a forward run. Another method involves using the one-touch pass while holding the L1/LB button, triggering a burst of run down the line after the pass.

However, it's essential to note that the passing lane created by the movement could be covered by the defender. In such cases, avoid passing straight forward to the runner and use a third player as a connecting player to create a different passing angle towards your target.

Executing Cutbacks: Turning Defense into Opportunity

When faced with a one-on-one against the wing back, the cutback method can be highly effective. By pulling the ball back towards the center with a sharp turn, you create passing options. Stop sprinting before making a sharp turn towards the center, either with the left analog stick or a skill move. Look for attacking players joining from the back during the transition while the defense is unsettled, and pass the ball to create scoring opportunities.

Player lock is a powerful mechanic to use with cutbacks, giving you control of the player's movements inside. It adds another layer of depth to your offensive strategies.

Exploring the Goal Line: A Strategic Alternative

In situations where opponents anticipate a cutback, exploring the goal line can be a game-changer. By moving deeper toward the goal line, you force the opponent to react, creating opportunities for your players inside the box. Maintain composure, observe the opponent's movements, and exploit the space or passing lanes as they emerge.

Utilizing Driven Pass and Sprint: Tools for Success

Sprinting down the wing can make opponents vulnerable, and understanding when to utilize it is crucial. Release the sprint button, execute a sharp turn with a ball roll, and take advantage of the opponent's commitment to catching you. If the defender covers the passing lane, employ a fake move to open up new opportunities for a scoring chance.

The driven pass is another excellent tool while exploring the goal line. When your strikers position themselves in front of the goal, hold the R1/RB button to execute a driven pass, providing a clear path for a goal.

Crossing Inside the Box: An Underrated Gem

Crossing inside the box is an underrated but powerful method. Pay attention to the movement of your potential target, adjusting the cross's power based on their position. With the Magnificent Whip Pass Plus play style, players can send exceptional crosses that can be challenging to defend against. This play style is especially effective for those who enjoy crossing in their offensive strategies.

Switching Sides: Exploiting Opponent Shifts

Opponents tend to shift towards the side where the ball is, especially if you linger there for too long. To counter this, use your wingers and wing backs on the opposite side. Switching sides through the wingers can create excellent chances, providing different passing angles and exploiting the space left open by the opponent's shift.

Incorporating Wing Backs: Adding Another Dimension to Attack

Wing backs play a crucial role in enhancing your attack. They can support your winger's runs, create new passing stations, and offer additional passing options. When pressured by opponents, wing backs can provide an escape route, allowing you to start dangerous attacks. By incorporating wing backs actively, you add another dimension to your offensive strategies, making your attacks more unpredictable and challenging to defend.

Mastering wing play in FC 24 is a game-changer, allowing you to unlock your full attacking potential and confound your opponents. By implementing the techniques discussed in this article – creating movement, executing cutbacks, exploring the goal line, utilizing driven passes and sprints, crossing inside the box, switching sides strategically, and incorporating wing backs – you'll be well on cheap EA FC Coins your way to dominating your games. Embrace these methods, become a real threat down the wing, and give your opponents a tough time on the virtual pitch. Take these strategies to heart, and may your FC 24 journey be filled with exhilarating victories and skillful plays.


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